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Untitled Document These original economy plastic Seder plates were designed in Israel with great attention to detail. You will find 3 different designs which combine tradition and artistry. Disposable Seder plates are available individually and in a discount pack. Affordable and elegant solution for your event.

 Disposable Passover Seder Plate Grape Design (EACH) 

Disposable Passover Seder Plate Grape Design (EACH) (SKU#: 1316)
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Price: $2.49 - $2.75 

 Disposable Passover Seder Plate Grape Design (PACK of 10) 

Disposable Passover Seder Plate Grape Design (PACK of 10) (SKU#: 1317)
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Price: $19.75 - $24.99 

 Disposable Seder Plates (BL) - EACH 

Disposable Seder Plates (BL) - EACH (SKU#: 1202)
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Price: $3.75 - $3.99 

 Disposable Seder Plates (BL) - PACK OF 10 

Disposable Seder Plates (BL) - PACK OF 10 (SKU#: 178)
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Price: $36.00  $19.95 

 Plastic Seder Plate (BB) (PACK of 10) 

Plastic Seder Plate (BB) (PACK of 10) (SKU#: 1385)
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Price: $25.00 - $29.95 

 Plastic Seder Plate Bows (EACH) 

Plastic Seder Plate Bows (EACH) (SKU#: 1384)
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Price: $3.75 - $3.99 

 Plastic Seder Plate Jerusalem (EACH) 

Plastic Seder Plate Jerusalem (EACH) (SKU#: 1237)
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Price: $3.65 - $3.99 

 Plastic Seder Plate Jerusalem - Pack of 10 

Plastic Seder Plate Jerusalem - Pack of 10 (SKU#: 115)
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Price: $29.00 - $36.00 

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Larry Clark
01.Disposable Seder Plates (BL) - PACK OF 10
02.Plastic Seder Plate Jerusalem - Pack of 10
03.Disposable Seder Plates (BL) - EACH
04.Plastic Seder Plate Jerusalem (EACH)
05.Disposable Passover Seder Plate Grape Design (PACK of 10)
06.Disposable Passover Seder Plate Grape Design (EACH)
07.Plastic Seder Plate (BB) (PACK of 10)
08.Plastic Seder Plate Bows (EACH) ships dreidels and chocolate coins from New York

Passover macaroons in bulk and more Kosher for Passover supplies

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